Lectures and Publications

Peer-Reviewed Lectures 

Mines, S., Caplan, N. (2010). GLBTQI Youth in the Foster Care System.  Eatontown, NJ: 20th Annual Statewide Independent Living Networking Conference.  

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Dixon, K., Mines, S. (2014).  Using Movement as Speech in the Urban Classroom Setting. International Journal of Arts and Humanities

Mines, S. (2012). The Parentified Child: Monster or Savior? Treatment for the Parentified Child and Siblings in Foster Care. Monsters and The Monstrous: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil, 9th Edition.

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Mines, S. (2011). Kate Gosselin Sued: Should Marriage Therapists Be Paid If You Don’t Get the Results You Want? Published 5/29/2011, Associated Content.

Mines, S. (2011). Teaching Teens Money Management. Published 4/15/2011, Associated Content.